Chocolate Letter Cream Tart


Chocolate Letter Cream Tart.
Perfect for a Birthday Party or for an anniversary present.
The Letter Cream Tart, call in ItalyCrostata“, are made with a double Vanilla crunchy base filled with whipped cream and a layer of italian Nutella chocolate; on the top there is a decoration with chocolate, candies and handmade cookies.
If you like you can ask Alessia to change the Vanilla base and make for example a chocolate base, or you can change the decoration on the top, or add/change another letter or number;
This is a letter B cake, but you can change and chose the letter, number or symbol you like.
write an e-mail to or write a whatsapp message to +44 7411 447881 to get a free quote.

This is a Cake ideal for 12-14 normal portions or 24-28 finger portions

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