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Agronomist Farmer Fondant Cake


Agronomist Farmer Fondant Cake
The Agronomist-Farmer, the Tree and all details are handmade and comestible..
This is a double 8 inch cake (20 centimeters) ideal for 22-25 normal portions or 44-46 finger portions.

Italian Cakes Taste:
All our desserts, cakes and cookies are handcrafted with fresh ingredients.
You can choose to change the cake dough to your liking (if the cake allows) by selecting one of the options available between Vanilla, Vanilla & Chocolate, Coffee, Cappuccino, Vanilla and Chocochips, Yogurt, Rum, Vodka, Baileys, Nutella, Fruits in season, apples, pears, peaches, raisins, chocolate, carrots, berries, strawberries, banana, pineapple, lemon, orange.
Some of these flavors can be combined with each other, such as Strawberry & Banana or Dried Fruit and Apples etc.
There are some special recipes, such as vegan or low-calorie recipes. It is possible to request that a specific cake be modified according to your dietary needs (if possible) contact us to verify the possibility.

The Stuffed:
Our Italian cakes can have different fillings;
The fillings offered by our laboratory are: Italian Crema Pasticcera (Italian Crema Pasticcera is prepared with milk and fresh eggs) and can be combined with fresh seasonal fruit, chocolates, cookies, dried fruit, Chocolate, Lemon, Caramel, Nutella.
Also are available other fillings like Milk cream, Butter cream, Rum cream, Vodka cream, Whiskey cream, Coffee cream, Cappuccino cream, seasonal fruit cream, Lemon cream, white or black chocolate Ganache, chocolate butter cream, hazelnut cream, peanut butter.

Something more about our cakes
Our Cakes can contain allergic components, like nuts, pistachios, milk etc
All cakes are making with eggs, milk and wheat flour that contain Gluten.
You can ask to have a particular recipe without those elements.
All our Cakes are suitable for Vegetarian people.
Also Vegan recipe are available (See if there is the Vegan Symbol)
Ask more informations about allergic components or special ingredients at our e-mail address info@alessiascakes.co.uk

How Transport and Storage our Cakes:
As our Cakes are artisanal and fresh, you should be placed carefully on level non slip surface; also we recommend to transport the Cake as quickly and smoothly as possible at the required destination.
Remind that the Cake are fresh and you should place it in a cool and dry place before serving. Do not leave the cake in the sun or near a heat source.
After the party you can storage the cake in your refrigerator, in a hermetic box.

Best Before
our cakes are created only with fresh products, so normally (if you care the cake in a good refrigerator) the cake has a shelf life of 7 days.
Please remind that an adult should supervise children when using candles, sparklers and when you are cutting the cake. Please be care to remove all non-edible decorations (if there is any).

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