In Alessia’s kitchen there is neither meat nor fish.
Alessia and her family are vegetarians, so there are no animals that have been cooked or that will be cooked in the future, her vegetarian customers can stay relaxed.

Allergic ingredients:
Alessia has a great experience in the kitchen, and has successfully passed various training courses aimed at the direct and indirect contamination of ingredients that can cause allergies and intolerances.
Alessia prepares all her desserts by hand, starting from scratch, she doesn’t buy anything ready-made (apart from some decorations or specific additions, such as Ferrero Rochet, Mars, Nutella, etc.)
The “base” of Alessia’s desserts is almost always made up, in a variable manner, of 3 ingredients: Flour, Milk / Butter and Eggs.
Obviously Alessia prepares many desserts without eggs, or with soy milk, or for vegans, but in most cases there is the presence of these 3 basic ingredients, and these ingredients can cause even serious and dangerous allergies.

In compliance with the law, if one or more of the 14 allergic ingredients are present in the products, they will be indicated in the ingredients, but if you have a doubt write to Alessia before your order.

As we told you before, 99% of Alessia’s products obviously contain flour, milk or milk derivatives and eggs, so if you have an intolerance or allergy to flour, milk and / or eggs, you need to pay close attention to the product you order, almost all of Alessia’s desserts contain these 3 “basic” ingredients.

If you need a particular dessert and want to be sure it does not contain one or more allergic ingredients, contact Alessia before placing your order.

If yours is a serious allergy we recommend that you contact Alessia before placing your order. Although Alessia may have a very clean kitchen and that the products are never mixed together, you need to pay more attention if you have a serious health problem. If you have doubts or have not understood the ingredients well, or if a product does not have the ingredients well explained, please do not hesitate to write to Alessia before your order, your health is very important.

Generally there are very few desserts that Alessia prepares with Alchool, and when the Alcohol is present it is reported in the ingredients of the product.
A pastry product that can deceive less experienced chefs is the vanilla essence: vanilla essences very often contain alcohol, but often unbeknownst to the pastry chef.
Alessia is an expert chef, and uses only vanilla extract without alcohol, in full respect of her customers who have religious faith that prohibits the consumption of alcohol.
Friends who do not want or cannot consume alcohol do not worry, Alessia is very expert and respectful, and if you have any doubts you can contact her and ask for a specific clarification, she will answer you with pleasure.

Alessia and her family are vegetarians, and Alessia’s husband has been vegan for many years. Alessia therefore has a great experience of vegan-based foods. Vegan friends don’t have to be afraid, the experience in the kitchen and in the family make Alessia a safe chef even for vegan friends. If you have any doubts about some ingredients or want to discover other vegan recipes contact Alessia, she will answer you with pleasure.

Quality of ingredients:
Alessia uses only and exclusively fresh products of controlled and certified origin. The eggs used by Alessia are always accompanied by the Lion brand, in full compliance with the laws in force.
Some products come directly from Italy, such as coffee, extra virgin olive oil, organic Sicilian salt, cheeses etc.

Consume by and consume preferably by:
The shelf life of Alessia’s desserts is generally very long over time compared to the products of commercial pastry shops, this is because they are fresh products prepared every day.
We recommend that you consume Alessia’s fresh desserts within 3 days and always keep them cool in the refrigerator.
Pay close attention to fresh products such as Tiramisu, cake slices filled with creams, Cheesecakes, Milkshakes, Cappuccino and the like: the presence of milk and / or eggs could make that dessert dangerous if not consumed immediately and if not kept to a correct refrigerator temperature. Alessia reminds you that a fresh product should always be consumed as soon as it is received and that if kept in the refrigerator it must be kept at a temperature below 8 degrees, preferably between 2 and 5 degrees, in order to prevent the product from deteriorating and being dangerous. for your health.

Unlike fresh products, biscuits, cookies and “dry and hard” pastry products have a much longer shelf life, which generally varies from 1 to 3 months. If you want to know more about the expiry date of a product of Alessia contact her, she will tell you by when it is better to consume a product.

For any further information contact Alessia via email by writing to or via whatsapp at 07411 447881