About Alessia

Alessia Cazzaniga is an Italian cook and pastry chef. Her passion was born from an early age, when she saw her mother cooking the typical dishes of Italian cuisine, especially in central Italy, living in Tivoli, a beautiful city of art a few kilometers from Rome, where Roman cuisine begins to blend with the Abruzzese cuisine.

The passion for cooking, for desserts in particular, led Alessia to develop her passion, focusing, but not only, on the creation of wedding cakes and personalized decoration with fruit, flowers and sugar paste and on the creation of miniatures. and sugar sculptures. After years of successful experience in Italy and South America, Alessia opened her business here in the UK, exactly in Croydon, a few minutes from central London, offering catering services but also specializing in the supply of portioned desserts. found on major delivery platforms, such as Deliveroo, Just Eat and Uber Eat.

The goodness of the famous Italian Tiramisu, the cheese cake, the cream pasticcera, these are just some of the successful products of Alessia’s refined cuisine that must absolutely be tried.